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American War on Drugs Problems and Solutions

prison and drugs

The federal government spends about 15 billion dollars a year fighting the American war on drugs.

Non-violent drug related arrest account for a large majority of the people being incarcerated in the United States, and it cost the American taxpayers around $31,286 a year to keep just 1 of these drug offenders in prison.

In addition, when these non-violent drug offenders get released from prison many of them can not get a job because they now have a felony on their record. So what ends up happening is they will get involved in more crime, and end up back in prison creating a vicious cycle.

Solution: You have to find a way to get the money out of drug dealing, and you have to decriminalize non-violent drug offenses. We need to switch to a fine and rehabilation drug enforcement system to end the vicious cycle of reincarceration rates in America.

I have always found it quite odd that America, which is suppose to be the land of the free, has more people in prison, per capita, than any other country in the world. Many of these people are in prison for non-violent drug related offenses.