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Filibuster Problems and Solutions

Senate filibuster

A filibuster is a Senate parliamentary procedure that allows any one Senator to obstruct or completely block a vote on a proposal brought before the Senate.

It is usually used by those in the minority to prevent what they consider to be a bad proposal from passing the Senate by a simple majority vote of 50 plus 1.

In order to overcome a filibuster you need to have 60 out of 100 votes to invoke cloture; which would bring the debate to an end and allow the proposal to be voted on.

The most common problem you hear about nowadays regarding the filibuster is that it tends to be overused and abused; even when dealing with minor Senate procedures.

Solution: Many people have said that the filibuster should be eliminated because it prevents progress, and they feel a simple majority of 50 plus 1 should be the only requirement for proposals to pass the Senate.

However, this is one of the rules that sounds terrible if you have a majority in the Senate, but fantasitic if you are in the minority. So in my opinion, this is one of those rules where you might want to be careful what you wish for, and it may be best to just leave it be. If the American citizens decide you are abusing the filibuster to simply obstruct progress, then they can vote you out during the next election cycle.