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Health Care Reform Problems and Solutions

health care costs

While the new "Affordable Care Act" has made significant strides to a better and more affordable health care system, it still falls far short of a perfect health care system.

The biggest problem with the current American health care system is the fact that it is based almost entirely on an employer-based for-profit model.

When you allow for-profit health care companies, who are driven soley by profits, to be the center piece of the health care system; you will always end up with a very expensive health care system.

Unfortunately, too many Americans are tricked into believing that a government run health care system is bad; even though many older Americans rely on Medicare, a government run health care system, for their health care needs.

Administrative Costs: Medicare vs. For-Profit Private Health Insurance

Medicare For-Profit Private Health Insurance
4.7% 14.8%

Solution: A single-payer "Medicare for All" health care system.