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Medicare Problems and Solutions

Medicare problems and solutions

Medicare along with military spending are the two biggest deficit busters facing America today. With that being said you very rarely hear people complain about the service they receive through Medicare, which is a good thing.

However, advances in medicine and medical procedures are simply driving the cost of health care higher and higher year after year at a rate that is simply unsustainable.

The biggest problem with the current health care system in America is that it is a for-profit system run by for-profit Wall Street driven companies, who care more about making money than providing affordable health care. Unless this changes, health care cost will continue to rise year after year until the system fails.

Solution: A single-payer "Medicare for All" system is simply the best and most afforable way to fix all the health care related issues in America. Having a for-profit health care system will never allow this country to get a grasp on escalating health care cost.

Mixing health care and Wall Street is always going to lead you to a more expensive and less efficient health care system. This is because profit and greed will always trump morality.