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Politics and Money

politics and money

If there is one major problem with the United States political system it is the mixing of politics and money. If George Washington was alive today, I truly think he would be disgusted with the way money has corrupted the political system.

Politicians spend more time pandering to wealthy donors and corporations than they do legislating. It is no surprise that every election cycle there is always a constant swinging back and forth between political parties. Politicians use the bottom 99% of the population to get elected, but once they get elected they immediately start pandering to wealthy donors in order to begin their re-election bid.

The bottom line is that money needs to be eliminated from politics.

Solution: All federal campaigns need to be publicly financed. Outside money from any citizen or corporation needs to be eliminated!

Each person running for Congress or the Presidency needs be given a set amount of federal dollars to run their campaigns and that is it. Let the canidates debate on TV, radio, and the internet. Make the candidates talk about issues instead of running smear campaigns conducted by outside interest.