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Private Sale Gun Loophole - No Background Check Required

There are currently 28 states in America that have ZERO statewide laws pertaining to background checks for the private sale of guns.

This lack of statewide or federal universal background checks for the private sale of guns leaves a large loophole for violent felons and the mentally disturb to easily gain access to guns, even if they were denied access to a gun through a licensed FFL dealer.

Listed below are the 28 states that have no laws pertaining to the private sale of guns, as well as the number of guns currently available through private sellers, on just one major gun classified website, to anyone with cash. No background check required.

Updated on 11/16/2017

There are currently 42,660 guns available, no background check required, through private sellers in the following 28 states:

States Private Sale Guns Available
Alabama 2,161
Alaska 133
Arizona 1,310
Arkansas 985
Georgia 2,130
Idaho 674
Indiana 2,772
Kansas 1,380
Kentucky 2,203
Louisiana 362
Mississippi 524
Missouri 2,495
Montana 818
New Hampshire 656
New Mexico 537
North Dakota 80
Ohio 5,632
Oklahoma 2,853
South Carolina 2,475
South Dakota 133
Tennessee 3,613
Texas 3,420
Utah 109
Vermont 318
Virginia 2,228
West Virginia 288
Wisconsin 2,169
Wyoming 202