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United States Economy Problems and Solutions

United States economy

American manufacturing has been on the decline since the late 1970's when the doors of "free trade" were opened with China.

Since then the United States economy has been switching from a manufacturing based economy to a service based economy.

This means that wages have become flat for the average American worker who simply has a high school education, because service based jobs usually pay significantly less than manufacturing jobs.

Solution: Only accept fair trade deals not free trade deals. Until our government figures out a way to bring manufacturing jobs back to the United States our economy is going to be stagnant, at least for the bottom 98% of our society.

I have never understood why we enforce labor laws and environmental laws here in the United States, yet we allow companies to import goods from countries who use abusive labor tactics, and have zero environmental regulations.

If other countries do not meet or exceed our labor laws and environmental regulations, then they should not be allowed to import goods into America, or they should, at the very least, be hit with heavy tariffs.