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United States Military Spending Budget

The United States, as of 2014, is responsible for around 34% of the enitre world's military spending budget. The next closest country is China at around 6%. Russia comes in at about 4%. This is simply one of the most inexcusable uses of taxpayer money; especially for a country with over 19 trillion dollars of debt.

So when you hear politicians talking about cuts being needed to programs such as Social Security and Medicare make sure you mention those stats, and get an explanation for them.

Solution: Downsize, downsize, downsize. If there is one thing positive about nuclear weapons it is the fact that they have made the traditional World War II type scenarios obsolete. Thus, the need for large land forces is simply a by-product of a profit driven military-industrial complex that needs to justify its existence.

Unfortuantely, war is a very profitable endeavour for many companies, but it comes at the expense of many lives.