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Wall Street Greed Problems and Solutions

Wall Street greed

The problem with the stock market doesn't reside in the intial intent of the stock market. Buying and selling stocks based on the underlying fundamentals of companies is a perfectly rational way to help businesses, and the economy grow and expand.

The problem with the stock market in modern times is that Wall Street has become filled with speculators who could careless about the underlying fundamentals of any stock they are purchasing. Speculators simply trade large shares of stocks rapidly throughout the trading day causing wild swings in the global stock markets.

These speculators bring nothing of value to the stock market as a whole, and operate completely out of greed for themselves. This greed comes at the expense of others who are trying to use the stock market as it was orignally intended.

Solution: Get control of the speculators who could care less about the actual fundamentals of a company's stock. These speculators undermine the intial intent of buying and selling stocks; therefore, they should be punished not rewarded.